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Album: January 26, 2015: 50th Anniversary Countdown

Posted By: Admin / February, 4 2015
  • Celebrating a sweet 50th year of service with staff">
  • ">
  • 2009: Barack Obama is inaugurated as President and Bernard Parks is serving on L.A. City Council #countdownto50th ">
  • 1997: Rose's heart would go on in #Titanic and Bernard Parks was Chief of the LAPD #countdownto50th">
  • 1982: MJ wanted to be startin' something and Bernard Parks is Commander at the LAPD">
  • 1977: The height of disco days, #Saturdaynightfever, & the year Bernard Parks promoted to Captain in LAPD's 77th division">
  • 1965: #beatlemania was in full swing and Bernard Parks joined the LAPD #countdownto50th ">
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